Michigan Avenue, roughly between 103rd and 117th, is what Roseland residents used to call "the Ave." As you can see on this list, "The Ave" was definitely the place to go for just about all of your needs. From hobby shops to coffee shops, bakeries to hardware stores, clothing stores to restaurants, Roseland's section of Michigan Avenue could rival just about any other street in the city with the range of goods and services it offered. 

Unfortunately, with the change in the nation's industrial needs, the community wasn't able to sustain this strong economic base. "Production at Pullman and other local industries slowed. As jobs disappeared, workers followed their jobs to the suburbs," and the economic fortunes of the area began to slowly decline. "The inflation of the 1970s followed by the collapse of the steel and automotive industries in the 1980s left many of Roseland's newest families without jobs," and the community, as well as the neighboring areas, have had a hard time recovering from the effects of the decades of economic decline.