Jeffery/Merrionette Manor


The neighborhood of Jeffery Manor was part of the housing boom that followed World War II, helping in the residential growth of the previously sparsely populated southeast side of Chicago. Officially part of the South Deering community area, "The Manor," as it is has always been called by residents, was built on a former waste site for slag and other industrial by-products and has features not consistent with other parts of the city: streets with curves and streets that form complete loops. This break from the traditional Chicago grid, as well as the duplexes and single-family homes that line the streets, gives Jeffery Manor a decidedly suburban feel right in the middle of the city.

The house in the logo is the duplex where my mother spent her childhood. Her family lived in the right half of the home. Below are pictures of her in her front yard, as well as a picture of her (left), my grandmother, my aunt (in front), her brother, and her grandparents in front of their house.


The neighborhood of Jeffery Manor also included another, smaller neighborhood, Merrionette Manor.