About This Project
One designer's take on Chicago.

I love Chicago and I love design. I decided it was about time to mash those two loves together, and the logos you see here are the result.

Some of these logos are based on personal experiences and intimate knowledge of certain neighborhoods (such as Beverly, where I grew up), but in most cases these logos come from inspiration gleaned from various sources, including online research and conversations with current and past residents.

I know branding a neighborhood is quite subjective. My experiences and knowledge are obviously different than those of someone else, especially a long-time resident, so let's call this project "One designer's take on Chicago." My vision might not match yours, but I hope that we can agree that a neighborhood with a logo is better than a neighborhood without.

Check back frequently! It is my goal to post a new logo every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning until I tackle all 77 community areas, as well as some of the more well-known neighborhoods.

Steve Shanabruch
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